Fire Stations

& Emergency Facilities



We work with you from concept to construction to design the fire station that best suits your site and your operation.

The construction of fire stations and training facilities are highly specialized projects. Site selection, budget constraints, environmental sustainability concerns, and community are just the beginning of the process. Emergency service facilities require space to house and maintain the vehicles, apparatuses, PPE, along with the supplies that support multiple emergency service agencies. 

Our thorough planning addresses all of your requirements, including the design of multi-use spaces accessible to the community, along with dedicated training rooms and multi-gender living facilities dedicated to staff. We’re more than a general contractor, we’re experienced fire station construction specialists.

We prepare comprehensive proposals and budget plans to secure the funding your project needs, then manage every detail of construction.

Professional project management begins long before the first dirt is disturbed. Sunbelt Builders’ Project Managers respect the process, and understand how to address each step with emergency service leaders and staff, city planners, and the community. Sunbelt Builders will manage the planing, design, and construction of facilities to meet your current needs with a vision to accommodate future expansion. Entrust your project to Sunbelt Builders and provide your municipality with a modern fire station that serves the community for years.





Attention to detail from beginning to end, and constructing with durable materials creates more useful buildings that require less maintenance.

Quality in the finished project begins with quality people, processes, and materials. Sunbelt Builders employ professional people and management strategies to ensure consistent quality in each project. During our 35 years of building, we have refined our processes and assembled a group of the very best tradesmen and sub-contractors. Each team member is familiar with the latest technologies and building materials to ensure your fire station functions and looks great, and will hold up to years of continuous and demanding use.

The regulatory complexities and unique design requirements for emergency facilities make it essential for municipalities to contract with experienced professionals. With dozens of projects completed for this critical sector and more than three decades of specialized design and construction experience, our team can be trusted for your most important project.



Our custom design strategy blends the most efficient work environment with a comfortable living space to protect the health and safety of emergency personnel, and provide the facilities to store and maintain equipment — always ready to respond to the next emergency.

City of Winder Fire Station No. 2

This one story building is a fire station consisting of 11,006 sqft that includes Day Room with Kitchen, Sleeping Rooms, Restrooms, Lobby, Apparatus bay and Storage areas…

Newton County Fire Station No. 7

This one story Pre-engineered metal building is afire station consisting of 8,531 sqft that includes Day Room with Kitchen, Sleeping Rooms, Restrooms, Lobby, Apparatus bay and Storage areas…

Social Circle Fire Station No. 17

This fire station is a 6,242 sqft facility that includes staff rooms, day room, full kitchen, gear room, apparatus bay, restrooms and laundry facilities… 

Live Fire Training Burn Building

This two-story building is engineered with concrete walls and roof, lined with flame retardant tiles. 


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How much should we expect to pay for a fire station?

There are three primary factors that have the most significant impact on the cost (per square foot) of a fire services facility; they are site development, structural system framing, and level of interior finishes. These investments, along with materials, labor, and other costs determine your final cost per square foot. However, most facilities range from $175 to $325 psf. 

How long does the design and build process usually take?

Initial design and drawings (civil and building) can predictably take 2 to 3 months to complete, but construction time is impacted by many variables beyond the control of contractors, including weather and availability of specialized emergency equipment, so it is less predictable. We complete most build phases in 6 to 10 months. 

Who should be included on the project team?

Most importantly, the fire chief and/or designated fire department personnel should be involved from the beginning, along with your architect, contractor(s), and engineers. Sunbelt Builders can help you throughout the entire process to ensure the necessary team members are included to make important decisions and manage the project efficiently. 

How many fire stations has Sunbelt Builders constructed?

As of the start of 2021, we completed more than two dozen ground-up facilities, plus many additional renovation and repair projects. With Sunbelt Construction, your municipalities investment is protected by more than two decades of experience in every aspect of fire station design and construction. 

What equipment is included in your turnkey fire station?

In addition to the necessary appliances, Sunbelt Builders includes a generator, gear washer/extractor, and lockers. We offer expert advice regarding the right specifications and selection of your facility equipment, and complete installation, so your fire station will be ready for operation. 

What do you consider to be the best apparatus bay doors?

To all-but-eliminate the risk of “clipping” of emergency equipment that occurs with standard overhead doors, we recommend Bi-fold doors or high-speed overhead apparatus bay doors. The investment will likely pay for itself many times in reduced repairs due to accidental damage from fire engines and trucks.