Benefit from our expertise

Every project is protected by our process

Consultation & Planning

We control construction costs by determining the most efficient strategy and plan to achieve your visiion within budget.

Pre Construction

We manage insurance, permitting, compliance, and procurement practices to simplify and streamline each project.


Our experience, attention to detail, and constant communication ensures quality results completed on time and within budget.



Our design pros prepare for a successful construction phase by including everything from aesthetics to maintenance.


By purchasing all of the supplies for your project in the most cost-effective way, while carefully managing the timeline, budget and quality of our materials.

Post Construction

We don’t consider the project a success until your punch list is completed, and you’re happy with our work.

The benefits of our design-build process

Smoother Process

The design/build process partners our building team with the architect, engineers, and owner all under one contract from the very beginning of the project. This team effort reduces misunderstandings and prevents adversarial relationships from occurring.

Faster Delivery

By combining the design, permit, and construction phases, we create a partnership that puts you in control while our team coordinates with everyone involved in your proect. This streamlined process produces the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Single Source

Rather than hiring several contractors and consultants, an owner deals only with Sunbelt Builders. Design revisions, budgeting, permitting, job-site issues, construction questions, change orders, and billing are all managed by our team.

Optimum Value

With design/build, the owner, design team, and builder work together to determine what methods will optimize value. These precise details relating to construction methods avoids ambiguity and allows us to provide you with an accurate bid.

Maximum ROI

When we identify situations where changing materials, designs, or construction methods might produce a higher return on investment, the owner is free to adjust the project’s scope without having to re-bid the entire project.


Our project delivery system simplifies the construction process by placing Sunbelt Builders as the single source of accountability and expertise. Our team coordinates between you and the numerous subcontractors at each phase to ensure project success and your complete satisfaction.

Constructing a new building from the ground-up or renovating an existing facility, you can trust Sunbelt Builders for expertise and integrity

General Contracting

For over 35 years, we have built a reputation for success and vital relationships throughout the construction industry. We’re connected to subcontractors who represent the very best at their trades and have connections with dozens of suppliers of general and specialty building products and technologies. These relationships enable us to confidently assign the most capable teams for each specific project and procure everything necessary to successfully complete your project. Our industry knowledge and critical relationships combined with our in-house team of designers, project managers, and site superintendents gives Sunbelt Builders’ clients confidence in our ability as the general contractor on any commercial, industrial, or government project.


Unforeseen complications can make any renovation project more complex and costly than anticipated. That’s why Sunbelt Builders brings the same expertise and controls to renovations as we do to new construction projects. We begin with understanding your vision, then we assess the building condition to identify potential problems before we produce design drawings and a detailed project plan. From demolition through construction, we acquire all the necessary permits and coordinate inspections throughout the process. This approach helps avoid surprises that delay progress, reduces disruption to your operations, and allows you to return to business-as-normal as quickly as possible. Your investment in Sunbelt Builders will pay for itself several times over.

We offer a building solution that's fast, affordable, and environmentally-friendly with amazing style and versatility... Interested?

What our clients say

“I knew I was going to get a quality job, because I was dealing with good people. Sunbelt has always gone above and beyond.”

Billy Fortson, President – Ginn Motor Company